Sunday, December 6, 2009

Contract Appointment Postponed

We have postponed our contract appontment to next Friday (i.e) 11 Dec'09.
Our admin advised last Tuesday that she's unable to get the doc done and we received our contract last Thursday. We couldn't go through the contract within the time frame and postponed the appointment.

Its bit disappointment for me but got enough time to go through what's there in my contract. I'm not approaching any solicitor as advised my H1 forum mates.

So, we gonna read thru by ourself.

Hoping everything should go good.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Couple of things b4 our Contract Appointment

We are nearing our contract appointment.
We gotta do couple of things b4 our appointment.

  • We need to apply for dispensation to council coz, our garage offset from side boundary is 900mm instead of 1m. We did that. Waiting for their approval.
  • We were noted that on tender appointment our Tender Presentor advised that meter box would go on left left hand side (garage side wall) instead right jhand side( usual business side) When we contacted Energy safe Victoria, we were clarified that 1m of clearance is essential from the face of meter box (we are 100mm short) so we contact H3nl3y and advised them to change that to other side which gonna cost us $300 for additional cabling for 10metres.
  • We changed our carpet color from TAIL GATE to EMINENCE, SDN carpet.

All done...Eagerly waiting for our contract documents and drawings to go...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Meter box

We're nearing to our contract appointment. But we were advised on the tender appointment that our meter box will be placed on garage side(left hand side) which close to the power pit. When we enquired this to Energy Safe Victoria, they confirmed that 1m clearance should be there from the face of metre box.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tender Appointment, 11 Nov'09

Finally we got to our Tender appointment. The tender presentor was fantastic, helped us a lot and was really patient until we decide something.

There were few extra costs and we spoke to him and cut done them. And quite happy with our tender price.

Was not that happy with our tiles and carpet price.

So, may decide something this weekend and confirm with the floor covering with Henley.

Today, we booked our contract appointment on 4 Dec'09.
We gotta decide everything a week prior to our contract.

Ver much excited.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tender appointment

Today I received a call from our admin, that we got our tender appointment on 11 Nov'09 with Andi in Narre Warren.

We are clear with everything except undecided with electrical plan...

Let's see how it goes...

Color Appointment

I went to color appointment on 28 Oct'09, 1pm. we went to Cosham Interiors @ Mt Waverley 10minutes earlier. As we had made some homework, we were quite clear with most of the items that need to be selected.

Our colors are:

Bricks : Austral "Urban one Series" - "LATTE"
Roof : Bristle Traditional - MAGNUM
Render : GNU TAN
Gutter : Monument
Fascia, Downpipes, Meter box: Merino

Window Frames : Paperbark
Garage Door: Paperbark
Entry Door : Corinthian PURB02 Paperbark color painted


Kitchen Benchtop : " ZULU"Caesarstone benchtop
Kitchen cabinets : "STIPPLE SEAL" Laminate
Splash Back : Tiles matching the cabinets
Overhead cabinets : White

Bath, Ensuite Benchtop : "ALMOND ROCCA" Caesarstone
Cabinets : "NOCTUNAL OAK" Laminate
Floor Tiles : Millenium Biege

Internal Wall Paint : Dulux "Buff Half"

Architraves, cornice : White

Internal Doors : Standard Flush Panel

Still more to come....

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cosham Interiors

with my 2.5 yr old son went to Cosham at Mt Waverley for color selection. We're really confused in choosing our colors between Austral "Latte", Boral "Brown Terrain", "Austral Homestead Tan".

Today, we'll go around and check the houses with above bricks and confirm our brick.

This Wednesday is our color appointment.